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Five, free resources to check out on your college campus.


College is expensive. As a result, college students LOVE free stuff -- in fact, often the best way to attract students to a meeting or event is with free food.

However, as much as college students enjoy free pizza and getting the most bang for our buck, sometimes we take our colleges' resources for granted. These services exist to improve our overall health, college experiences, day-to-day lives, and post-grad opportunities. When you go back to school this fall, remember to make use of the resources right at your fingertips.

Writing Center

Citation guidelines, style guides, proofreading, and tutoring are all typically offered through your campus Writing Center for free or at a very reasonable price.

Career Services

Most schools offer networking events like career fairs and alumni meetups, as well as appointments for career advice, résumé/cover letter review, employer contacts, etc. These resources aren't just for upperclassmen -- a little career advice can ease your (and your parents') mind at any stage of your college career, so don't wait!


Your advisor can guide you through registration and course selection, making this overwhelming process a lot less intimidating. You should develop a comfortable relationship with your advisor, but if you don't click with yours, you can usually request a new one.

Special Services

Your school should offer accommodations for students with learning or psychological disabilities, or other special service needs. If you require any kind of special services, don't hesitate to reach out to this office for test-taking, note-taking, tutoring, and other accommodations.

Health Services

The campus health center offers appointments with nurse practitioners, for flu shots, regarding mental health, and more. Living on campus makes you increasingly susceptible to whatever illnesses are going around. The stresses of school can also lower your body's ability to fight infections, so keep on top of your mental and physical health with these resources!

Remember that your university wants you to live a happy, healthy, and successful life as an undergrad and postgrad! Take advantage of these free resources to improve your daily life and make the most of your college experience.


Meaghan Roche
Marist College

Meaghan Roche is a rising senior at Marist College 
studying Journalism and Sports Communication. A native New Yorker, Meaghan is a die-hard Yankees fan and is interested in a career in writing and editing as a postgraduate, ideally in the sports field. As the Communication & College Success Editorial Intern for the summer of 2018, Meaghan is practicing how not to strike out - pun intended - at adulting.