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The best way to combat homesickness (and less-than-favorable dorm conditions) is by personalizing your space.


Whether you're going to school out-of-state or out of the country, living in a dorm room away from home can be challenging. The biggest way to combat homesickness (and less-than-favorable dorm conditions) is by personalizing your space. Keep reading to find out ways to transform your dorm!

Hang up pictures of your home, friends, or family from home

Coming back to your dorm after a rough day of classes or an impossible exam and seeing a picture of your group of friends at the beach is guaranteed to brighten your day.

Decorate your bed with pillows or blankets from your bed at home

Using pillows and blankets from home can make you feel as if you are at home even though your real bed is hundreds of miles away. A DIY version is stacking up blankets and pillows in a corner of your room for lounging, doing homework, or napping!

Buy/bring a comfy chair

If you have friends over or want another place to hang out other than your bed, then bringing extra seating is necessary. To save money, blankets, and pillows in a corner of your floor can serve as an easy lounge area.

Use a rug to warm up your floor

Stepping out of bed early Monday morning onto a cold, usually concrete, the floor is the worst way to wake up before a long day of classes so fuzzy rugs can keep your feet warm while adding some fun to your dorm.

Buy a mattress topper

As someone who suffered from back problems after my freshman year mattress, the best purchase you can make for your dorm is buying a comfortable mattress topper to combat the (often horrible) dorm mattresses.

Hang up curtains

Curtains that block out the sun when you're trying to regain those precious few hours of sleep on the weekends are extremely worth it and make while your dorm is homey!


Dorms usually have overhead lighting that resembles prison cells and that is headache-inducing so setting up lamps or string lights around your room can brighten your once cave-like atmosphere. P.S. you are never too old to bring a teddy bear to college!

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