Dear Seniors of 2020

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An open letter to the graduating class of 2020.


Dear Seniors of 2020:

These past few months have been extremely hard for everyone and I can’t imagine what it is like for college seniors across the world. This pandemic is something that will change our lives forever and we’ll look back and see how COVID-19 shaped our young adult years.

With that being said, I want to highlight the things you’ve all accomplished and endured throughout your college careers. From your first steps on campus as a freshman, you’ve evolved into educated adults who have learned the meaning of hard work, tireless nights, and adult responsibilities. The endless studying for exams and the constant stress of classes have taught you valuable lessons that will help you on your career paths and in your personal lives too. You’ve all made sacrifices to be where you are, and everyone has their own burdens and hardships. From not being able to walk during graduation to not seeing your friends, and missing out on memories of your last semester before you embark in the real world, these sacrifices will not be forgotten and all the people you surround yourself with will empathize. But as seniors, you have all mustered through the past few grueling years of time and effort to claim the degrees that are rightfully yours. You all deserve so much better, but times like these show that you can’t take things for granted and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. How you all respond to a time like this will bring a cultural shift to future generations, accentuating for the world the Class of 2020’s determination to move on and move forward.

Just because your last semesters as seniors were cut short, you can’t fail to recognize that all of you worked extremely hard to be where you are now, and no one can take that away from you. Through all the ups and downs, you’ve all learned a little bit more about yourselves and the people around you and that’s what makes college such an unforgettable experience. Many students have taken matters into their own hands and are making the best of their situations, so don’t be discouraged to make an impact, even if you’re stuck at home. Even if it's picking up new hobbies or trying to master a craft, keeping yourself occupied and having that activity be of use in your future, can be a win-win in times like these. By being home, you can make a difference for the people around you and make sure to appreciate what you have now so that when quarantine is over, you won’t take what you had for granted. Some students from the class of 2020 such as the Rutgers Medical School Seniors who graduated early to be a part of this fight, are on the front lines of this pandemic, working alongside first responders and doctors to combat this virus. Alongside them, the seniors who are entering the medical and hospitality workforce in the midst of this crisis, we thank you with the utmost sincerity and appreciate everything you do for our nation’s health. With your perseverance and aptitude to take part, your schools are extremely lucky to call you their graduates of 2020. You all have come too long a way to let a virus deter you from what you’re destined to achieve. I hope you all can put this chapter in your lives behind you and make the most of what’s to come.


Brandon Moon


Brandon Moon
Rutgers University

Brandon is a Junior at Rutgers University majoring in Economics and is a Student Ambassador for Macmillan Learning. He’s very interested in fashion, music, sports, culture, food, and especially sandwiches. He used to work in the food industry and knows how to craft a mean sandwich.