College Myths: DEBUNKED

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We've all seen the countless TV shows and movies that depict college as either magical or as a life-sentence in prison. Although sometimes the latter is true, most of the time real-life college is completely different from what is shown on TV. Keep reading to find out what are myths and what is real:

You are stuck with whatever major you chose in your college applications: MYTH

Colleges don't expect all freshmen to know exactly what they want their future careers to be so changing your major is more common than sticking with your original major which is why all colleges require you to take general education courses to help you discover a new interest or major.

Everyone gains the "freshman 15": MYTH

I get it, free food everywhere and no elder to tell you to put down the 18th cupcake, but most campuses offer healthy alternatives which are sometimes better than eating the same ramen for the fifth day in a row.

Professors don't care about their students: MYTH

College professors in movies are depicted as cruel, bitter monsters that enjoy failing students. You'll most likely find more professors that want to make a difference in their student's lives through education and want to network with for future career opportunities.

Textbooks will break your bank: MYTH

If you buy textbooks from the bookstore, then you probably will break your bank account. Renting books is a cost-saving solution and easier than selling back your books at the end of the semester. Check out Macmillan's Student Store to find out about how you can save a fortune on textbooks!

Dorm Life is awful: MYTH/TRUTH

Certain aspects of dorm life can be challenging like 3 a.m. fire alarms, noisy neighbors, and communal bathrooms. Most dorms have "quiet hours" during the week to study or sleep so don't worry about noisy dorm parties 24/7.

College is where you'll meet your forever friends: TRUTH

Meeting your lifelong friends is one of the only things that the media gets right about college life. Whether it be your freshman year or your senior year, you'll make some of the best memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

There are certain things that the media does get right: college is where you find your true identity and make lasting memories.

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