College Game Day Outfit Inspirations! DIY T-Shirt Edition

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Put your game face on.


One of the best parts of game day is having the perfect outfit! Win or lose, you can still post on all of your social media accounts to show off your school spirit. And of course your trendy style. You don't need to go to the campus bookstore to buy your apparel!

I would recommend going to a local thrift store in the area; you can find amazing pieces at a discounted price. Buying a vintage item also means no one else will be wearing it! T-shirts are great for game day because you can easily pair them with jeans, leggings, even a skirt! I recommend sizing up in the T-Shirt you decide to DIY because the more material you have to work with the easier it will be to create.

I know you might be asking yourself, when will I ever find the time or money to make my own outfit? Here are 5 easy tips to style your college t-shirt apparel without breaking the bank and can be completed in 30 minutes or less!

Tie a knot

Grab a handful of material from the area of the shirt you want the knot to be. Next, twist that same material. Then you'll create a loop with your twisted material and pull it through just like tying a knot!


Lay the shirt down on a flat surface. I recommend outlining the bottom of the shirt with a pencil where you plan to cut as a guideline. Then take any scissor and cut the bottom of the shirt in a straight line. Use caution when using the scissors because you can always cut more off but once it is too short, there is no going back!


Lay the shirt down on a flat surface. You will need to take a disposable razor and drag it across the portions of the shirt you'd like to become distressed!

Cuff the Sleeves

Fold up both sleeves once or twice depending on your style preference! You can even add a small safety pin on the inside of the shirt to have it stay in place.

Add a Patch

You can buy a patch of your mascot or even the logo of your school. Once you have your patch, I recommend buying Permanent Patch Adhesive glue as it dries clear and then allows you to stick the patch anywhere on the shirt. This method is much faster than ironing or sewing the patch on!

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