Alternative Post-Graduation Options

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Not everyone goes for that 9 to 5.


If you're like me, then you like to ignore the fact that adulthood is quickly approaching after you graduate college. Unfortunately, I can't procrastinate too much longer before I should decide on my game plan for after graduation.

But some people don't want to work full-time career jobs immediately after they graduate and that is okay! Here is a list of potential options for life after graduation:


When you eventually start your career, there is going to be little time for you to travel wherever you want at your own time. This is the perfect opportunity to do that backpacking trip across Europe or that scenic train adventure across the United States.

Part-time/Freelance work

Working a part-time or freelance job is an economical way to spend your time but still gives you free time to explore your other interests that your career job may not guarantee.

Graduate school

To continue your education, graduate school is your best option. Some students find it easier to continue their education right after you finish your undergrad because they fear they may have trouble finding the motivation to continue schooling after taking a gap year.


Programs like the Peace Corps or Mercy Volunteer Corps are programs that allow you completely immerse in volunteer work domestically or internationally. Both of these programs have benefits such as cancellation/deferment of student loans, foreign language instruction, and career networking opportunities.

Invest in a passion project

Always desired to start your own shoe company but never had adequate time to plan it? Now is your chance! Investing in a passion for all this free time is a great way to discover new interests or devote your time to existing dreams.

Do something crazy

You've spent so many years in classrooms with your head in the books so you've earned yourself some time to do whatever you want. Spend a couple of months training for the circus or teaching yourself how to double-dutch, the world is your oyster!

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Rebecca is a senior marketing major at Hofstra University. 
Originally from Colchester, Connecticut, she loves exploring New York City and finding all the best food. You can usually find her anywhere that serves pizza, buffalo wings, or chocolate milkshakes while panicking over her post-graduation future.