Distance Learning

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Master the skills to tackle online learning.

By Jamie Shushan

Time Management

In an online course, there is often no regularly scheduled class time, which means you have to set your own schedule. In this video, Jamie offers some key tips for being successful in an online course, including using a planner, committing to a schedule, and then showing up for yourself. (And don't forget to take some time away from the screen!)

Study Spaces

Learning online from home can introduce new distractions. To stay focused, Jamie offers some helpful advice, including creating a dedicated study space, putting on your headphones, and finding a spot to park your phone.

jamie-shushan-headshot.jpgAbout Jamie

Jamie H. Shushan is Associate Director of the Crimson Summer Academy (CSA) at Harvard University where she works to increase access to higher education for students from disadvantaged backgrounds and helps them succeed once they arrive on campus. In her work at CSA and beyond, she teaches numerous classes focused on college success, engages students in career exploration fieldwork, and serves as an advisor and advocate for students at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Learn more about Jamie here.

9781319200763.jpgThe Pocket Guide to College Success

For more advice from Jamie, see her book, The Pocket Guide to College Success, Third Edition, a handy and affordable tool for any student entering college.

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