Show me "Maui Beach, Hawaii" on a map...

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The new edition for some reason opens with a thought exercise that is problematic because it's a statement of fact, but I know (because I was raised on Maui) that there is no "Maui Beach" infested with tiger sharks that are busy hunting in 6' of water. It would also be nice if people would learn to spell Hawai'i correctly.  

If we're going to use these resources to teach students acceptable college-writing practices, the resources should meet or exceed the accuracy standards we set for students. 

I tried to report this inaccuracy to the publisher for correction, but there's no clear way to accomplish this goal. Hopefully someone fixes the issue--maybe something like "Imagine there's a beach in Hawai'i known for an unusual number of shark attacks." This way it is clear to the reader this is a fictional thought experiment and not a "real" place.  

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