UPDATED Myers' Psychology for AP®

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Updated Myers' Psychology for AP®, Third Edition

Updated Myers' Psychology for AP®

Third Edition | Myers, DeWall

This program aligns to the Fall 2022 course and exam description (CED) and AP® Classroom resources.

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Hello, I have some questions, I'm the person that orders the books and not a teacher so please forgive this me for not knowing. How does this new update effect the Teacher Ed book and the test bank generator? We had just purchased the 3e last year and as you can imagine the budget will not allow us to upgrade again so quickly. How can I get will our teacher be able to use the 3e resources and successfully cover what is needed for the 2024 update? or do we need to get our hands on the new teacher resources? 

I see the attached 2024CED correlation, I take that to mean we can still use the 3e teacher Ed book and test generator. Any advice would be appreciated.