Macmillan Learning and Follett Partner to Bring More Affordable Options to College Students

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New York, NY, July 19, 2017.   Macmillan Learning, a premier educational content and digital solutions company, today announced a new partnership with Follett Higher Education to provide more affordable rental options of popular Macmillan Learning solutions. Beginning this fall, some of Macmillan Learning’s popular textbooks and digital solutions will be available for consignment rental at more than 1,200 nationwide campus stores managed by Follett. This content, which will only be available to students to rent, will deliver significant savings for students compared with most rental pricing currently available or compared to the cost of purchasing a new textbook.  This partnership also enables Follett stores to offer students print plus digital bundles at substantially lower rental prices than previously possible.


Commenting on the partnership, Macmillan Learning CEO, Ken Michaels stated, “Affordability is a significant concern for students. At Macmillan Learning, we are evaluating everything we do to ensure we can provide students with access to the most affordable options for high quality course materials. This partnership with Follett enables us to offer lower priced options for content through all of their campus stores.”


Macmillan Learning's consignment rental program with Follett will not only provide students with direct savings, but also give them an option for continued  access to the digital content after the rental period ends at a substantially reduced price.


“Making college education more affordable and accessible to students by providing the widest range of course material options is our core mission at Follett, which is why we are pleased to offer Macmillan rentals at our campus stores,” said Clay Wahl, President of Follett Higher Education. “This partnership expands the number of physical and digital rental options available through Follett, the best source for students looking for course material solutions that match their individual learning and financial needs.”


“Central to Macmillan’s mission of improving lives through learning is to ensure that students can access the materials that they need to thrive,” said Mr. Michaels. “Until now, students have generally been forced to choose between inexpensive print rentals or grade-enhancing digital bundles. And that’s a shame because student’s success requires  a variety of resources and solutions to maximize learning. We’re pleased to launch this partnership with Follett to combine the cost savings of print rental with the learning outcome advantages of digital study aids and supplements.”

Both companies intend to expand this rental-only program and partnership in coming months. To learn more about all of Macmillan Learning’s affordable content and digital solutions, visit To learn more about Follett, visit


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