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Just listened to a podcast on Dr. Barbi Honeycutt's website (Teach Learn Create) entitled The Reflective Professor:  How  One Professor Stays Curious, Keeps Learning, and Improves His Teachi... with Dr. Carlos Goller.  Barbi, a teaching and learning consultant, interviewed him about ways he reflects on assignments and active learning in his classes (a microbiologist) to engage students and continually improve and expand - and reflect.  They discuss "throw away assignments" - those that exist for a semester in the LMS and how to take them beyond the parameters of a LMS.   I began documenting activities I created within my LMS so that I'd have easy access for future use and adaption - and a way to consider how better to frame and offer these activities and even retain and share some of the marvelous work my students submitted across semesters.   The website offers numerous free podcasts that are pertinent to becoming better educators and helping students thrive in diverse learning environments.   Summer is a great time to up our game!   Please share any resources, podcasts, or ideas that you've found by clicking on the "Reply" button below.   Would love your input!   Jamie


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