Allison Soult


Allison Soult

Department: Chemistry

Product: Achieve 

How do you use Achieve? We use Achieve to provide student with additional practice on course content to help them reinforce what they have learned in class while also getting the support they need from Interactive General Chemistry and the hints provided within questions.

Any advice on using technology with students? Remember that students are often managing multiple online systems while also learning new content in those courses. Provide structure and support so that technology issues don’t get in the way of learning content. A walk through or tutorial for any tool used in your class is a great idea to make sure all students understand the basics and can navigate systems efficiently. While some students are technologically savvy and willing to play around with a new tool, we need to provide support to those who are hesitant to “click around” because of lack of experience with online tools or concern over losing points for doing something wrong. A question to ask yourself is “what do my students need to know about the technology so they can focus on learning?”.

If you integrate with an LMS, which LMS? Canvas.

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