Spotlight on Students: Fostering Instructor and Student Connections

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Organization can be a major component of student success. At Macmillan Learning, we include everything that students need in one place, so they can prioritize their time and focus on course content. With Achieve, students have access to reading materials, assignments, lessons, and quizzes. If a student has questions or needs to check in with an instructor, Achieve also serves as a communication tool, alerting instructors to their students' weak spots and challenges. When paired with in-class use of iClicker, instructors gather even more knowledge of their students’ understanding of course material, and they can continue to tailor their teaching to meet the needs of their students. Check out what students think in the video below.

Disclaimer: This is an actress, but is based on real feedback from our annual student user survey!