Women In Business Week Spotlight: Packback

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The next business we want to highlight is Packback. I’ve gotten to know Packback CEO Kelsey Behringer and CPO & Co-Founder Jessica Tenuta over the past few months and seen their passion for student success firsthand, as our companies announced a partnership that pairs Packback's AI-powered technology with the hundreds of course materials found within Macmillan Learning’s Achieve digital learning platforms Packback and Macmillan Learning are both committed to creating learning science-backed products that help students develop critical thinking skills as well as a lifelong love of learning, which is why the partnership works.


Packback’s flagship, their inquiry-driven discussion platform, Packback Questions, was inspired by their mission to harness the power of AI to help educators increase engagement in their classrooms and help students find their unique voice. This form of active learning encourages students to achieve higher levels of critical thinking and discover real-life applications of course material via discussion questions in and out of class. Their AI-enabled platform can help students build and master foundational skills like critical thinking, writing, and research. 

Here’s how it would work for, say, a psychology class: students would be assigned course materials and assessments via the Achieve platform and then be asked to respond to a prompt either provided by Packback or to create one of their own. Prompts could include questions like: Why would NASA suggest the strategy “follow the water” when searching for life on other planets and What kind of conversation would cells have if they communicated like humans? The AI supports the students through the writing process, offering suggestions and feedback on both content and grammar. You can learn more about the partnership here.


Macmillan Learning is committed to fostering an inclusive environment where women entrepreneurs not only have a seat at the table but also thrive. We believe that by supporting and collaborating with women-owned businesses, we contribute to a more equitable and prosperous future for all. Read about other Womin in Business Week profiles: Work Simplr,  In the Room, and Wright Consulting.

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