iClicker in Unconventional Settings: From Factory Floors to Foreign Fields

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Since its creation by college instructors, iClicker has been a staple in college classrooms around the nation. Known for its ability to create more engaging learning environments, this ed tech available on students’ phones and laptops has transformed thousands of classrooms into more dynamic learning environments. 

While the iClicker technology continues to evolve, and now even offers a GPT-enabled AI question generator, its utility spans much further than lecture halls -- just ask the police and fire stations, learning and development teams and manufacturing teams that use it regularly. No longer just for college classrooms, iClicker has emerged as a useful platform to facilitate interactive training, get real-time feedback, study and learn, and ensure employee engagement across a variety of unusual and distinct environments. 

“We noticed a portion of our overall customer base was unrelated to higher education so we decided to do what we doiClicker Quote - May 16.png best at Macmillan Learning–learn more,” said Toni Chastain, Business Development Manager for Enterprise Solutions. The company learned about the innovative and surprising ways the tech was used to help transform learning from the university classroom to now anywhere in the world. “From bustling factory floors to remote locations abroad where traditional technology often falls short, iClicker is being used in all kinds of unconventional settings.”

Why iClicker Clicks all the Right Buttons, So to Speak

Macmillan Learning’s corporate customers are driven by various factors, including the need for engaging employee learning sessions that balance participation and focus. In environments where traditional training methods are either impractical or ineffective—such as noisy factory floors, remote oil rigs, or regions with limited technological infrastructure—standard educational tools can fall short. While the mobile app provides easy, on the go access, there are also physical devices available that use radio frequency and don't require extensive setup. or familiarization, making it ideal for use in places where time and resources are limited. 

In fact, iClicker is currently being used successfully for new hire onboarding, continuing education courses, voting, training employees on internal systems, meeting OSHA requirements efficiently, and more. The platform’s inherent simplicity and ease-of-use allows the tech to work in so many different environments, ensuring that all employees, regardless of their work environment, have access to critical knowledge and skills. Most importantly, it helps keep employees interested in what they’re learning as well as to better retain that knowledge.

“Our customers have shared with us that integrating iClicker into their training sessions has led to a notable boost in engagement. Gone are the days of passive observation; participants are now actively involved, eagerly participating in polls, posing questions, and contributing openly to discussions,” Chastain said.

Breaking Boundaries: iClicker on the Move

Imagine a group of engineers on a remote oil rig, where reliable internet connectivity is not an option. Unlike college classrooms, which take advantage of the ease of use on mobile phones, the physical iClicker is a durable and robust option designed to withstand travel and rough usage. It’s become critical in conducting safety training and compliance assessments, ensuring that even in the most isolated environments, education and safety protocols are strictly upheld.

This adaptability is not confined to outdoor or remote settings. Inside oversized manufacturing facilities, where the noise and constant activity make traditional training methods less effective, iClicker helps in conducting periodic safety training and on-the-job learning sessions. The same holds true for iClicker’s customers of police and fire departments. The device's simplicity allows for quick setup and execution, with training sessions pre-planned or on the fly and allowing for educational opportunities as they’re needed.

The story of iClicker's global journey doesn't end on factory floors. In parts of the world where technological infrastructure is minimal and the concept of a 'smart classroom' isn’t a viable option, iClicker has been a game-changer. For example, on regional public awareness and outreach programs in rural Africa, iClicker devices have enabled facilitators to deliver content and assessments without the need for local internet, reaching students who may otherwise be cut off. This can have a profound impact in bridging educational divides, making knowledge more accessible to all, regardless of location or local infrastructure.

iClicker in Action

Consider the case of a multinational corporation that decided to implement iClicker across its global training programs. With employees scattered across continents, many in areas with unreliable internet access, the company faced significant challenges in delivering consistent training. By integrating iClicker into their program, they were able to standardize training modules and assessments across all locations, ensuring that every employee, whether in a high-tech office in New York or a field site in rural India, received the same quality of training.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Trainers appreciated the ease with which they could set up and conduct sessions, and employees valued the interactive nature of the sessions, which made learning not just more engaging but also more effective. 

As iClicker continues to be more widely used in a range of sectors and geographies, it proves that good technology does not just reside in its advanced features but also in its ability to adapt and be relevant in diverse settings. Through its journey across different industries and continents, iClicker exemplifies how technology can transcend traditional boundaries, facilitating learning and development in ways previously unimagined. It is a testament to the transformative power of simple, effective technological solutions in the global quest to find new and better ways of engaging employees.

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