Free Class Readiness Survey from iClicker this Spring

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There’s a lot of uncertainty for college instructors that remains heading into the spring semester that spans well beyond the impact of missing in-person classes. Students’ learning loss, motivation, and engagement have been flagged as factors that have greatly impacted their ability to be successful throughout the pandemic. In fact, a recent analysis by McKinsey & Company found that unless steps are taken to address unfinished learning, today’s students may earn $49,000 to $61,000 less over their lifetime owing to the impact of the pandemic on their schooling.

But there are steps that instructors can take to better understand the pandemic’s impact on both individual students and classes. To help get students back on track by better understanding the academic expectations, motivations, and behaviors of the students, the iClicker team developed a new, complimentary “Class Readiness” survey.

The 9-question survey offers both multiple choice and open-ended questions and was designed to provide actionable insights for educators and administrators. It includes questions on course preparation, resilience, and student concerns.  Any questions can also be customized as needed to meet the needs of each particular class.

The survey can be issued prior to class as an iClicker assignment or used to poll students live during class. It can also be done anonymously so that students feel comfortable providing honest feedback. If instructors aren’t currently using iClicker this semester, that’s okay -- it still won’t cost any money to access and use the survey. iClicker is always free for instructors, and there’s a free two-week trial that will allow students to access and participate.

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