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Nancy Sommers was inspired.

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“We were small zoom squares, remote, distant, across 4 continents …” and so begins her Tiny Teaching Story.

This Fall, Tiny Teaching Stories launches on the Bedford Bits blog. Inspired by the Tiny Love Stories featured in the New York Times, Nancy approached the Macmillan Learning (Bedford/St. Martin’s) team with an idea -- what if teachers and instructors from around the country had a place to share their stories of the moments that made an impact in their lives? The company partnered with the Harvard’s Graduate School of Education teacher and Hacker Composition handbooks lead author to create a forum to do just that.

In the new series, Nancy encourages all  teachers and instructors to “share a detail about a memorable student, a particular classroom experience, the challenges about teaching in the pandemic, or even a surprising conversation with a student.” Stories should be no more than 100 words, and can be published anonymously or with attribution. We only ask that participants change identifying names and details of students to protect their privacy.

“We all have teaching stories to tell -- stories that remind us about the joys of teaching and pleasures of writing,” Nancy said.

The series launches with Nancy’s own Tiny Teaching Story, which you can read here.

To learn more about how to submit your story, click here