Hayden-McNeil Lab Simulations: Getting Started Guide

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Instructors: Welcome to Hayden-McNeil Lab Simulations!  Helpful information to get you started in your course is provided below. 

Student Registration

Provide one of the following resources to students so they can register. 

Your Course:

Each lab includes an e-manual and two assignments as options. The Introduction to Lab Simulations provide an overview to navigate within the simulation.

  • The “SA”, or short answer assignment, must be manually graded while the “MC”, or multiple choice, assignment is auto-graded - assign one, both, or neither. 
  • Lab simulations are linked from the procedure page of the e-manual and open in a new window. Please note that the Evolution and Ecology labs do not include a simulation but cover the topics through images, videos, and/or data analysis. 

Viewing, Hiding, and Showing:

Each lab has a section block - all of the labs are initially hidden from student view except Introduction to Lab Simulations. You can identify the hidden items because they appear lighter.

Editing and Assigning:

Assign Open / Close Dates and Times or easily make changes to the content in your course.

Section Management:

If you manage multiple sections of students, you may want to create sections.

Adding TAs or Adjuncts:

Add Teaching Assistants (TAs), Graders, or Adjunct Faculty so they can grade assignments and access the gradebook, but not make edits to the e-manual or assignments.

  • They must first follow the account creation process. They do not need to register for a course, but they must create and verify their account.


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