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Teaching Communication: Webinar Series

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Are your students fooled by fake or manipulated images? Do you find that teaching media literacy is the main challenge in Mass Communication courses? Join Bettina Fabos, co-author of Media and Culture, 13th Edition, for a webinar where she talks about teaching students to critically read manipulated images, from photo retouching to digital deep fakes. Fellow co-authors Christopher Martin and Ronald Becker will also discuss both the legal and ethical ramifications of such manipulation. Request a copy of Media & Culture, 13th Edition.

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Even prior to the COVID pandemic, college students have struggled with mental health issues including loneliness, anxiety, and social isolation. Join Kelly and Steve to discuss the research on loneliness and social isolation, the connections to overall mental and physical health, and suggestions for using interpersonal communication to forge and fortify our connections with others to improve wellness in a post-pandemic world. Request a copy of Reflect & Relate, 6th Edition.


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Learning is a communicative process, but all too often the curriculum--from the learning outcomes and syllabus to textbooks and assessments--focuses on the delivery of decontextualized information, instead of fostering a rich intercultural exchange. In this webinar, communication professor Liz Martin (Palm Beach State College) shows how instructors can make the curriculum come alive for students by situating it within their network of relationships--interpersonal, professional, and cultural--to create diverse, inclusive, and engaging educational experiences. Learn more here.


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