2024 Bedford New Scholars Advisory Board

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Bedford/St. Martin's is pleased to announce the participants in the 2024 Bedford New Scholars Advisory Board! Advisory Board members are:


Mckenzie BerganMckenzie Bergan

Mckenzie Bergan
(recommended by Tom Doran) is a PhD student at the University of Connecticut studying gothic fiction, young adult literature, and the campus novel. She explores how students and instructors form their identities within educational institutions, both individually and in relationship to those around them. She is the Assistant Director of First-Year Writing and is writing a textbook with the Director of UConn's FYW program. In this role, she also plans professional development opportunities for instructors and helps plan and host the Conference on the Teaching of Writing. She has taught English 1007, Writing and Multimodal Composition over the past several years and in the summer. She is the co-host of the “Reading Shirley Jackson Podcast” and has published “Theorising the Uncanny Adaptation through Hamlet” in Adaptation.

Katayoun HasheminKatayoun Hashemin

Katayoun Hashemin
(recommended by Lisa MacFarlane): Obtained her M.A. in TESL/TEFL from Colorado State University. Currently pursuing an MFA in Writing Non-Fiction at the University of New Hampshire, her focus lies in exploring Iran, Iranian identity, and the struggles of Iranians striving to liberate their country from totalitarian rule. Transitioning from teaching college composition at CSU to a similar role at UNH, she has been trained to craft interactive class activities, worksheets, material, and specific examples. Her approach, influenced by the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP), aims to simplify complex tasks involving more than once content (i.e., rhetorical features and language use) into digestible pieces (scaffolding). In November 2022, she delivered a presentation titled Peer Review: Development of a Bidimensional Rubric for L2 Writing at the Co-TESOL regional conference.

Hayden KindratHayden Kindrat


Hayden Kindrat (recommended by Roger Thompson) is pursuing his PhD in English Literature at Stony Brook University (SUNY), with a focus in American and Anglophone literature, science fiction, and environmental fiction and ideas (all in the mid-twentieth century). He has taught courses in Stony Brook's English Department and Department of Writing and Rhetoric. He lives in Queens in New York City.

Eric KorankyeEric Korankye


Eric Korankye (recommended by Rachel Gramer) is a PhD English student specializing in Rhetoric and Composition at Illinois State University (ISU). He teaches Business Writing, First-Year Composition, and Advanced Composition, and also serves as the New Instructor Mentor in the ISU Writing Program, providing mentorship and pedagogical support to new writing instructors. As an international interdisciplinary researcher and teacher from Ghana, Eric is committed to designing and practicing social justice pedagogies in Composition Studies, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication, focusing on design justice, students’ language rights advocacy, legitimation of international scholarly knowledge, and working against intersectional oppression against students of color.

Marisa KoulenMarisa Koulen


Marisa Koulen
(recommended by Melanie Salome) is pursuing her PhD in English concentrating on Rhetoric, Composition, and Pedagogy at the University of Houston. She has taught a range of courses including First Year Writing I, First Year Writing II, and Advanced Composition. Marisa's teaching philosophy centers on acknowledging all students as writers and challenging them to critically engage in making meaning through social justice and advocacy writing. Her research explores the intersection of antiracist writing assessment and multimodal composition pedagogy. As a first-generation American and college student, Marisa is passionate about supporting students, especially those from marginalized communities, navigate the transformative power of education and literacy.

Elizabeth NovotnyElizabeth Novotny

Elizabeth Novotny (recommended by Holly Hassel) is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture at Michigan Technological University. She teaches First-Year Composition and other writing courses, such as Advanced Composition and Technical and Professional Communication. She is also a Composition Graduate Assistant and assists the program director in delivering instruction in the graduate-level Composition Pedagogy and orientation for new instructors, as well as supporting curriculum development and administrative tasks. Elizabeth’s research interests include writing studies, pedagogy, rhetorical theory, and continental philosophy. For her dissertation, she is working on a project that examines the relationship between FYC student conceptions of rhetorical agency and their writing practice.

Zachary SingletaryZachary Singletary


Zachary Singletary (recommended by Tracy Ann Morse) is pursuing a PhD in English centering on Rhetoric, Writing, and Professional Communication at Eastern Carolina University. He has taught a variety of courses including Business Writing, Writing & Style, Writing in the Disciplines, and FYW. He has also served as a Graduate Assistant Director of Writing Foundations, working with a variety of faculty and graduate students in the teaching and preparation of FYW & Writing in the Disciplines courses. This position has allowed him to develop assignments and projects for others at his institution to use in their own courses, which has influenced his research interests in the accessible design of pedagogical materials and accessible writing pedagogies in general.

Chloe SmithChloe Smith

Chloe Smith (recommended by Shevaun Watson) is pursuing her PhD in Public Rhetorics and Community Engagement at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. She teaches a variety of courses in writing, including FYC courses, business and technoscience writing, and rhetoric and culture. She has also served as the English 102 coordinator, assisting the Director of Composition in revising curriculum and supporting incoming Graduate Teaching Assistants in their transition to UWM’s English Department and composition program. Her research focuses on linguistic justice, public memory, and cultural rhetorics methodologies. As a first-generation student, she is invested in helping students of all levels and backgrounds finding their voices as writers, and making the space to amplify their work.

Mohi UddinMohi Uddin

Mohi Uddin (recommended by Megan McIntyre) is an outgoing English M.A. student at the University of Arkansas. His specialization at the University of Arkansas is Cultural Studies with a secondary focus in Rhetoric and Composition. He will start his Ph.D. in Writing and Rhetoric Studies at the University of Utah in Fall 2024. His area of interests include digital rhetorics, cultural rhetorics, and writing pedagogy and theory. He teaches Composition I and Composition II as a Graduate Teaching Assistant.

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