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What can we expect for food trends in 2022?

Happy New Year!  What can we expect for food trends in 2022?  Food marketers and health professionals are weighing in on the top food and beverage trends for the coming year.  Among them is a term new to me, “reducetarianism” which refers to a gradual reduction (not elimination) of animal-based foods in favor of more plant-based foods.   Indeed, we’ll see more plant-based food products and meat-alternatives introduced to meet increased demand.  Other trends include functional beverages (think reduced sugar soda type with added probiotics, prebiotics and more), continued popularity of turmeric, and alcohol-free beverages or “mocktails” as people try to reduce the pandemic influenced alcohol intake.  The International Food and Information Council (IFIC) reports that wellness, nostalgia, innovation and new views of sustainability are among the food trends for 2022.  From a culinary perspective, the New York Times highlighted mushrooms as the ingredient of the year and a focus on regional flavors from India.   It might be interesting to poll students to predict what they feel will  be “hot” in the nutrition, diet, and food arena for 2022!   And how the pandemic has impacted and influenced food practices and perspectives.  


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