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Sample intro nutrition syllabus

This is my 41st semester teaching introductory nutrition to a diverse group of non-nutrition majors.   Its been a privilege, pleasure, and learning experience personally and professionally.   Even though I authored an introductory text, Nutrition for a Changing World, and certainly had input in to its organization, I opt to teach my course a bit differently than the table of contents outlines.   I start off with Chapter 1 on the Science and Scope of Nutrition and include highlights from Chapter 3 on Digestion, but hold off on Chapter 2 Healthy Diets until after we've covered the macronutrients (chapters 4 - 6) and micronutrients (chapters 7 -10).  I feel these lay a foundation to address "just what is a healthy diet?".   I then backtrack again to cover Spotlight C on Plant Based Diets and jump ahead to include highlights from Spotlight H on Food Safety as these align nicely with characteristics of healthy diets.   I move on to diet/nutrition and its role in diabetes (Spotlight A), heart disease (Spotlight B) and obesity (Chapter 11).   Then on to nutrition and fitness (Chapter 12) and the lifecycle chapters.   I'm attaching my current syllabus if you are interested.   Its nice that we can all organize our courses as seems to work best for our approach and students, and that order of coverage is flexible.   I also set up my Launchpad Home Page to align with the order of syllabus.   Best!   Jamie

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