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New study says eat your greens - and citrus fruits and berries - to add years to your life!

A new study from Harvard researchers reminds us once again to eat our veggies and fruit every day to maximize longevity and promote our health.   Consuming three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruit each day was associated with lower mortality.    Only about 1 out of 10 Americans meet these goals.  

The study also found that what kind of vegetables and fruits made a significant difference – leafy greens, vitamin-C rich fruits, and vegetables rich in beta-carotene showed benefit while starchy vegetables (like potatoes, corn, peas) and fruit juices were not associated with risk reduction.  The researchers tracked intake over a 30-year period of more than 100,000 adult men and women.  In addition, the study looked at pooled intake data from nearly 2 million adults worldwide.  Here is a link to the journal article and a good summary in Science Daily.   See in the produce section and frozen vegetable aisle!

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