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New digital update of NUTRITION FOR A CHANGING WORLD including 2020-2025 DGA now available!

SO excited that the new digital update of our textbook, Nutrition for a Changing World, is now available!!  My co-author, Steve Nizielski, and I went through every chapter and spotlight to assure any warranted changes to reflect the newest edition of the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans were incorporated, plus updates in survey data, statistics, studies, and infographics.  And maybe most exciting is the offering is available through Macmillan Learning's breakthrough online platform ACHIEVE.  If you love Launchpad you'll love the new features and functionalities in Achieve.   Why not schedule a personal demo to get acquainted with all Achieve for nutrition has to offer!    You'll also be to see the new auto-graded AnalyzeMyDiet activities that are now further enhanced based on feedback from instructors and students.  Happy new year!  Jamie

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