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Food security vs nutrition security

During the "live" office hours with my students on Zoom this week we discussed the implications and impact of the pandemic on individual eating behavior (in context to Chapter 13's coverage of the determinants of eating behavior) as well as the impact on national dietary trends and food security.   In discussing that the issue isn't necessarily access or consumption of adequate calories, but access and intake of nutrient-dense foods within those calories, I was able to introduce the concept of nutrition security as addressed in Chapter 14.   Today I read with interest a post in Marion Nestle's Food Politics entitled "Let’s pay attention to nutrition security (as well as food security)" that included this point: "it’s not enough to provide adequate calories to people who need food; those calories should come from foods that promote health."  If you are wrapping up the semester with Chapter 14, these recent research briefs on the impact of Coronavirus on food insecurity from Feeding America may also be of interest. 


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