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First day of class!

The first day of class can set the tone for the semester and is a chance to engage and motivate your new students.   I am always excited with a mix of adrenaline and butterflies to greet students (whether face-to-face or online) and preview course content and expectations.  After a brief warm welcome and introduction,  I usually kick off with a "fun" activity, video, or poll that is intended to demonstrate the significance and scope of nutrition - and to possibly challenge preconceived perceptions.   If using PPTX, I created a slide with a variety of snapshots about me and my life to provide some personal and professional insights - and also slides with photos about the teaching associates for that semester to put a personable face with their name.   If online, can create this as separate narrated VOPPTX or video.  I then discussed highlights and important takeaways from the syllabus, but in recent semesters I recorded a VOPPTX that walked students through the syllabus in more detail that would be posted on the course page and provided a link within the first week announcement for easy access (also was helpful for students who might miss the first class).   Would love to hear your thoughts about the first week of class!   Vanderbilt's Center for Teaching and Learning has a wide range of excellent, accessible resources for faculty - here's a link to some excellent ideas for that first day of class!  Here's wishing you a great semester!   Jamie

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