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Assessing your course goals at the end of semester - what is your approach?

Course goals are typically a prominent part of your course syllabus and guide course organization, content, assessment and evaluation.   We all have university generated course and instructor evaluations that go out to our students - but rarely are these tailored to individual course goals.   A few semesters ago I began surveying students (anonymously) asking for feedback on how well they felt the course did in meeting course goals.   I also asked if they had suggestions for adapting or editing course goals for future semesters and students.   It was gratifying to take a look at the course goals myself and feel that my students did leave the course with a better grounding in nutrition and were better equipped to evaluate nutrition in the media and marketplace - but was very helpful to get their perspective.   Would love to hear ways you seek student feedback beyond the university generated evaluation.   As an FYI, here are the course goals for my introductory nutrition course at Vanderbilt.   Look forward to hearing from you!    Open the post and use the "Reply" button at the bottom of the screen.  

COURSE GOALS: At the end of the course, the student will be able to:

1. Appreciate the scope and complexity of the evolving science of nutrition.

2. Discuss the role of each of the six classes of nutrients in the maintenance of health.

3. Describe how dietary recommendations for Americans are established, evaluated, implemented and applied to meet individual dietary needs, promote health, and prevent chronic disease – and how they compare to food based guidelines from around the globe.

4. Describe the fundamental role of nutrition and food choice in prevention and treatment of select diet-related chronic diseases.

5. Discuss factors that affect nutrition and health status of individuals across the lifespan with corresponding intervention strategies.

6. Analyze controversies or claims surrounding one or more contemporary nutrition issues on the basis of scientific evidence and nutrition theory.

7. Identify ways individuals can assess, evaluate, and implement strategies that promote a healthy and safe diet.

8. Discuss how all foods can fit within an overall healthful diet. A goal of this course is to lessen and lighten food related "rules" and dogmatic thinking surrounding dietary practices and approaches through a better understanding of nutrition principles and application.

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