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Getting and Running the Application

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Windows Software 

Extract the IOLab... folder from the ZIP file. Enter the folder and double-click on the IOLab.exe application (look here for more details). Requires Windows 7 or higher.

If you run into problems because Norton Anti-Virus is quarantining your IOLab application, please look here.

Previous Windows versions


Mac Software 

Extract the IOLab... folder from the ZIP file. Double-click on the application (look here for more details). Requires OSX 10.9 or higher.

Previous Mac versions

Python Development (for experts)
Latest PyOLab Release

This is a Python library that enables primitive stand-alone communication with IOLab. It is NOT designed to replace the highly capable application you can download for Windows and Mac at the above links, but rather to enable interested people to play with the guts of the IOLab system at a programming level. To get involved with further development of this fun python resource, check out the PyOLab GitHub repository. When you have questions or comments please send me an email at

Selected Release Notes

1.64.1457 (Sept/13/2017):
The lesson player now saves PDF files for each completed step of a lesson. More info here.
1.64.1452 (July/7/2017):
Another minor bugfix to lesson player.
1.64.1450 (July/1/2017):
Bugfix to smoothing in player mode.
1.63.1447 (June/20/2017):
Fix to output config code to make the setting of D6 and DAC more robust.
1.62.1443 (May/16/2017):
Data smoothing now done during acquisition.

The features and changes for each versions are documented in the ChangeLog.

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Device Firmware & Expert Documentation

To find out more about IOLab firmware click here. To access expert documentation click here.

Please email me if you have any questions:

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