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Vietmy Doan | Doing More to Help Those in Need

Macmillan Employee
Macmillan Employee
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Vietmy DoanThe person who drive me to do more is my mom #Achievemore
The person who drive me to do more is my mom #Achievemore
My Journey to #AchieveMore

Hello, I am Vietmy Doan. Today I will tell my story. Before going to college I would always think to have a college life and being a college student is cool, yes it’s cool. After my first years of college I had experience that there are so many challenges that I have to face. Being a college student, not only I have to push myself to study hard but I also need money for my classes. There are so many obstacles that I have to go through but without my parents, I don’t think I will be able to do it. I really appreciate them. I wasn’t born normal like everyone else, I was born and almost died three times because of my heart problem. My parents raised me. It was not easy, it was very hard for them. I wasn’t born in America, I was born in Vietnam and moved to America when I was only 8 years old. Going to America was the biggest challenge for my family with no English and no money. I came here with no English. It was a challenge for me and my family. I helped myself to know English but I was lucky enough to have a parent like mine,but they were right there beside me and went through the challenge with me. My Parents had helped me and taken care of me so much, now I just want to do something back just to show my appreciation to my parents, country and for myself. I want to be able to reach my goal. Going to College is not easy for most college students' families, the biggest problem that they may have is money. Looking for a scholarship and being accepted to one is not easy because some may ask for a good grade, gpa or even a good test score. My parents had worked so hard for me but it wasn't enough. I really hope I can win this scholarship to help pay for my school college to be convenient for next year.

My first year of college is almost done , and I can’t believe it. I am going to be a sophomore in college! Where has the time gone? My goal is to study Medical Nurse. I understand that will take a lot of school years to become one but like my mom says “ As long as you don’t give up, you can always make your dream come true “. People have asked me, why I want to become a nurse in the future and my answer has always been, I like to see people walk out of the hospital looking happy and always have a smile on their face. My mom is my number 1 motivation for me to be able to have the courage to study and go through this path with me. I want to be able to help everyone who is ill and just see their smile, can also make my day!



What Drives You to #AchieveMore?


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