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Technology in the Classroom

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This post was originally published on the HS Bits Blog, which was active from 2008-2013.

I've been thinking a lot about technology in the classroom recently. Ironic, in some ways. In a year when my school has worked to surge ahead in its technology use, I've been out of the classroom for the last ten months, and largely computerless for the past few weeks as I've moved house and waited for my internet service to be established.

But a cluster of recent articles about the impact of technology in the classroom--particularly in English and the humanities, where reading is central--and discussions on the AP® English listserv have prompted me to examine my own philosophies and attitudes toward teaching with technology.

So I think I will do a short series about three topics I've given some thought to recently, starting with:

  • e-books and e-readers and the engagement of readers with text
  • the use of Wikipedia for research
  • cellphones in schools

I might think of some other points along the way. In the meantime, here is some of the thought-provoking reading that provoked my thinking:

I've always considered myself a digital native, and in may ways incorporate technology into my teaching practice and embrace it in my everyday life. I tend to be enthusiastic about the potential for technology in the classroom, but sometimes find the logistics of implementing my ideas or the learning curves of my students, other teachers, or even myself an impediment to seeing that potential become reality.

As I hash out some of these ideas in this blog, I'd be curious to hear from readers about their own attitudes, philosophies and experiences regarding the place that emerging technologies have in their lives and their teaching. What are some of your reactions to the ideas presented in the items I linked to above?

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