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Rhonda Webb (GA)

Rhonda Webb (GA)


Department: U.S. History

School: Lassiter High School (GA)

Product: America's History

How do you use your BFW product? I use America's History, 9th Ed. in my APUSH classes to not only provide my students with the focused content needed for the course, but also to develop the historical thinking and writing skills necessary for success on the AP Exam. The book is perfectly aligned with the AP course in its unit/time period structure and with the format of the high quality sample questions embedded throughout the text. I also assisted BFW with reviewing a few units from Fabric of a Nation when it first came out. It is truly the best textbook I have seen in its scaffold approach to teaching students the writing process for success on DBQ and LEQ essays. Fabric of a Nation guides students step-by-step in using the content from a chapter or unit as evidence to develop sound writing and historical argumentation skills. Both books are the best on the market for teaching AP US History!

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