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Carolyn Harman (MO)

Carolyn Harman (MO)


Department: Language Arts

School: Elsberry High School (MO)

Product: Everything's an Argument, 50 Essays, American Literature & Rhetoric, LaunchPad Solo

How do you use your BFW product? Within my AP Lang, AP Lit, Junior English, and Senior English classroom, I use both the AP Lit and AP Lang books, Everything's an Argument, and the 50 Essays Collections. Recently, I received the American Literature and Rhetoric book, which I hope to integrate into the majority of my classes. These resources are used to effectively help my students analyze and understand literature at all levels. We utilize videos, audio clips and current events to connect student life to the classroom. I use LaunchPad Solo for Literature to enhance my students’ understanding of literature and to allow them to practice analyzing works and making connections between texts outside of class. I also use video and audio clips to help students connect with the texts we study.

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