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LaunchPad e-book Samples

LaunchPad e-book Samples

Thank you for choosing LaunchPad! We're excited to have you sample this e-book platform. To sample LaunchPad, please follow the instructions below, or download the attached document and share them with your teachers.

You will need an internet connection to access LaunchPad. You can access every LaunchPad for Florida using the same credentials:


Password: Review2016!

Please note that this will grant you access to the teacher LaunchPad. Enter your credentials in the black box under "Instructor Sign In."

Here is the URL for each LaunchPad:

Ways of the World, 3rd Edition - for AP­® World History:

America's History, 8th Edition - for AP® US History:

Myers' Psychology for AP®, 2nd Edition - for AP® Psychology:

Psychology, 11th Edition, by Dave Myers - for AP® Psychology:

Thinking about Psychology, 3rd Edition - for Psychology:

Psychology in Everyday Life, 3rd Edition - for Psychology:

You can see an overview of LaunchPad here.

To learn more about what's in your LaunchPad, watch the videos here.

If you have a question, check out our FAQ.

Check out some training videos here.

If you have a question, please comment below and we'll be in touch with you shortly!

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