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Macmillan Employee

Investing in Writing Studies with Bedford New Scholars


At Macmillan Learning, we know that education is more than just finding the right book or using the best media; it’s about committed, passionate educators who build careers researching, publishing, and practicing the best way to teach students. In English composition, that means teaching students to read and write effectively, to communicate ideas that will shape not only their own lives and careers but also the national discourse.


To invest in this crucial outcome, we partner with new scholars who teach those students — and who are developing and publishing studies about new and better ways to teach them. In 2008, our English editorial team began the Bedford/St. Martin’s TA Advisory Board, now called the Bedford New Scholars Advisory Board. Each year we contact ten writing program directors across the country and invite them to nominate one of their outstanding graduate students to serve on an advisory board for the calendar year. This motivated group of graduate students share teaching challenges, assignments that work, and the research in the field that excites them. They also give our editorial team feedback on the direction of our new projects. In the process, Bedford New Scholars participants have the opportunity to foster lasting professional connections with other rising scholars and teachers in writing studies.


Want to know more about these Bedford New Scholars and their assignments? You’re in luck. Since they’re such an important part of our academic community, we’ve recently made them a featured part of our Macmillan English Community. The Bedford New Scholars page includes


Visit us — and the Bedford New Scholars — on the English Community.


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