Joshua Gunn
Speech Craft
Using Macmillan's highly touted Achieve courseware to deliver superior content online, Speech Craft engages students with a contemporary edge and a focus on connecting with the local community.  It’s a public speaking textbook unlike any other. Joshua Gunn’s distinctive style and strong scholarship are paired with compelling visuals to prepare students for public speaking situations in their own lives, whether they are giving a toast or presenting to the class. Wildly successful in its first edition, Speech Craft has drawn accolades from instructors around the country for its distinctive personality, student-friendly tone, and support for teaching the public speaking course both face-to-face and online. The second edition explores public speaking as advocacy and pays careful attention to diversity, empowering students to make ethical connections with their audiences and meaningful differences in the world around them. The new Achieve courseware for Speech Craft sets the standard for driving student learning in your public speaking course with powerful learning content, engaging activities, and actionable insights and analytics. Achieve brings together an interactive e-book; 3 new Achieve-only modules on: presenting online using tips learned during the pandemic era, avoiding the dangers of disinformation when researching a speech, and being inclusive in online presentations; new speech videos; LearningCurve adaptive quizzing and other assessments; learning activities; and extensive instructor resources–all within a new, enhanced technology platform carefully built over the past five years
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